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Release DateDocument name
14/06/2005Marine law
The Marine Code by the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam No.40/2005/QH11 issued on 14/06/2005
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05/09/2007Decree no. 140/2007/NĐ-CP by The Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.
The conditional foundation in the logistics business
05/08/2004Decree no. 151/2004/ND-CP
Amending the import tax rates of a number of commodities on Vietnam””s 2003-2006 list of commodities and their tax rates for the implementation of the agreement on common effective preferential tariffs (CEPT) of the asean countries, issued together with the Government””s decree no. 78/2003/ND-CP of July 1, 2003
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25/02/2004Decree no. 99/2004/ND-CP
Promulgating Vietnam’s 2004-2008 list of goods and their import tax rates for implementation of the early harvest program of the frame-work agreement on asean-china comprehensive economic cooperation* Download
Other law
12/07/2001Customs Regulations
Order of the State President on the promulgation of law
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12/12/2003Law on Value Added Tax (VAT)
Providing guidance on the implementation of Decree No. 158/2003/ND-CP dated 10 December 2003 of the Government, regulating in detail the implementation of the Law on Value Added Tax
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17/06/2003Accounting Law
In order to unify accounting management activities, ensuring that accounting is a tool of close and effective management, supervision of all economic and financial activities, providing sufficient, faithful and explicit information, satisfying the demand for managing and operating state organs, businesses, public and private organizations
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