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Our Compliance Policy Regarding Anti-Bribery

All of the officers and employees of the Company (“Employees”) are obliged to comply with the following:

  1. To strictly comply with Vietnamese laws regarding anti-bribery and any other laws and regulations regarding anti-bribery.
  2. Not to commit or allow anyone to commit any bribery and any acts that may be suspected as bribery.
  3. To require all suppliers, contractors, dealers, agents, consultants and other third parties which are engaged in the Company’s businesses and services to strictly comply with the Anti-Bribery Laws.

In providing our services to all of our Principals/Customers.

Furthermore, we strictly follow our Principals/Customers’ instruction and policy regarding Anti-Bribery.

In addition, you can follow the link of VOSA’s NYK Line partner as follows: No Facilitation Payment Poster Rev-5 and NYK 3R Policy Letter

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